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Clients Comments on NoProfitNopay & 1902 229 000 Daily Service

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Your 6th birthday is my 1st birthday.  Yes, I've been with Race Profit for 12 months now, and I want to thank you for an interesting, enjoyable and profitable year.
Elizabeth 5/8/06

"This is a great idea.  I loved the $1000+ trifecta today - I certainly backed a winner when I signed up with Raceprofit."  Elizabeth L 13/11/05

Your memory is correct, I got my first big trifecta win in my third week
with you, and my profit overall is averaging $1000 per month - from an
initial one-off investment of $400.  I only started using the 1902 number in
November and so far I've had two big trifecta wins in less than two weeks!

Yes, you can use my comments, but without my surname as you suggest.

Elizabeth L 14/11/05

Thanks for the free selections yesterday. I took 3 multi trifectas 3x4x5 at a cost of $13.50 for a ˝ unit in each race for a profit of $250.   

Great work guys.


Chris Pease 4/11/05

Hi Guys,
            Nice profit yesterday off the 1902 tris.
            I'm back from the bush for a week or so and would like one week of tris & first 4's via email.
            Do I just buy through the site or can you charge the card that I used the other week for NPNP?
Noel (9/9/05)

Even A 50 cent punter – who missed Garbos Storm by 60 seconds made a profit today!

(Paul “Pope” Elliott 7/9/05)

Great Day yesterday guys on the 1902 tri's

Cheers Big Time
Noel (25/8/05)

Hey I got one - albeit for 1/2 - still three figures! and I didn't stuff up!  Not even I could stop this one! (The "Pope" 25/8/05 after a $1237.19 trifecta)

Well my 1st week with RaceProfit and you've given me 6 winning trifecta combinations out of 7, overall a profit of 54.3%.
Congratulations and thank you,

Elizabeth Lopez (10/8/05)


Ain't it the Truth, I'd like standouts & tris thanks guys, that's what I get on the 1902 Number & It works fine for me.

Hi guys

I have always been quick to have a grumble when the winnings pot is pretty low... so I better do the right thing this time around and say thanks for the great tips over the last couple of meetings. The winnings pot is full to overflowing this week.

Well Done.

Happy Birthday ya old buggers.
Bob T 28/7/05

Thanks guys

Much better result from trebles.

Sadly I missed Saturdays cos I was away playing golf with no phone service.. but thats my bad luck.

Thanks guys.

Bob T (2/6/06)

I would like to congratulate you on your  standout selections for last Saturday  I had a result you can only dream of.

 Regards     john mcgrath (9/2/05)

* John is a NoProfitNoPay member and won enough last Saturday to pay for winning weeks every week for the next 5 years!

Hey, just like Oliver Twist – please sir, can I have more?  Like these???
The "Pope" 28/7/04

Thanks for the great tips so far.. most impressive.. and maybe a bit unlucky that the results weren't even better.. there was a couple of unlucky runs.

Could you please advise the cost of your trifecta tipping service.

As I will be away from my computer for the weekend is it ok if I ring in for the tips on Saturday Morning.


 Bob Thiele 19/7/04

Thanks for the prompt reply.
So far I am very impressed by both your tips and your back up service.

Thanks again.

Bob T (12/07/04)

Beaut start  thank you
                                  Stan ( theblind man )

thanks  for a winning day , siddo 29/04/04

keep up the good work men ,thanks for a couple of winning days      siddo 27/5/04

Hi there gents

Yeah I gotta eat humble pie cos your treble tips did do pretty good yesterday.. BUT.. they weren't too flash on Saturday.

Been meaning to mail you too cos I gotta say that your Exotic Tips have been rather good  lately.. in fact they have been fantastic.. so thanks for that.

I have just reput my order in for 13 weeks so hope the good work continues.


Bob T (10/2/05)

Hey Guys

Good tipping on the Melb Cup, especially considering the weather... you even had Zazzman in your top 6.

And what a run by a great South Australian Horse, and a fantastic ride by a good jockey (just happens to be from your home state  I think)

If my memory serves me correct you also tipped the winner of teh Caulfield Cup (in Elvestroem)

Now for the good news.. a mate and myself each year take a couple of Caulfield Cup/Melbourne Cup doubles with a Sydney Bookie.. been trying for 5 years and this year we snagged it... odds of 220/1 with $20 riding on it... yummo.

Makes for a good month.


Thanks, I would've rung to get the race 4 selections, but have only just got in from work!
First 4's on Sat were more of a tri day, so collected a couple of those, not huge, but still a profit on the day.
Wed was a good day.  Chose to bet on 3 races & collected on 2 of them, an $80 tri, backed both the "over the odds" horses in the last in Sydney, plus had the tri in that race!
There's always something, just a matter of picking the right races!
(The trifecta Diana is talking about paid $684.43, the two over the odds horses as identified by the "Prophet" ran 1st & 2nd paying 8.96, 2.38 and 2.05. The 1st 4 on the race paid $2463.20 )

Hi Boys!

I am really delighted about last Saturday's (19/06/04)results on the Trifectas. I want to say thank you for your effort and good joices, even so the Standouts let me down, I still made a very good profit. Thanks once more and keep the good work up.
I also must admit that this is my first subscribtion which actually made me money.

Regards Heinz

Ps. if results like this keep coming I will be a permanent subscriber for sure

Dear Fellas,
I have re-subbed for 26 weeks.  Thanks for the option, but I still am doing well on the current format. 
As you probably remember, I sometimes have a little 50c x 2,3,5 tri - punt on one or two of those awful maiden races, & often as not, come up with the goods.  Even if we lose 5 or 6 races out of 9 through maidens at each meeting, there are always still plenty of options.  
For me, there's no need for the post race comments, as if I want to see them I can look at the weekly summary.   I do like the pre-race comments, however, they are a great guide. 
Thanks for the continuing good service,

Clients Comments on Easy Form

Thanks for a good day ..........missed your email but we sure did well at The Ville.
Stan 31/01/04

Thank you had a great day   i can now afford the magazine subscription
                       the blindman
 (The sub was for Braille editions of Playboy! RP)                                          

good advice ...thanks mate
----- Original Message -----
To: Stan
Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2004 2:32 PM
Subject: Re: $20-00 weeks

Stan if the trifecta as set out is too expensive for you when you work it out for a .50c bet, you really are better off just ignoring it, there is nothing worse than missing a trifecta because you have cut back the numbers which then get up for 2nd or 3rd!
Of course if you are winning and using their money then reassess the situation.

from Race Profit where "We Live or Die by our Results"

Thank you for your help – Adobe is now fixed AND I managed to get onto the first winner!



hi fellas,
I really like the mid-week format, but can't resist the offer of 4 weeks of Sat easy form for the price of one!

Thanks heaps. 
I only decided to try the easy form to see how the Sat would go, I still mostly don't have the time to bet properly on Saturdays, (wish I did after this week's results.) 
I can't remember (have lost the email telling me)  when the mid-week sub ends, so please let me know when it's getting close. 
 I'll be away again (working) on Wed 31st Dec & Wed 7th Jan, so would you please postpone me again for those weeks?  
Thanks again,

Hi Guys, thanks for the $375 win on Saturday, let’s hope this is the start of great things to come?
....your service is not expensive and so far is a real winner, keep up the good work.
Regards, Brett

Agree.  Further to the benefits of the mid-week formatt.
I like to see the actual ratings on each race, so whatever the advice given, I have the option to have a trifecta (or other bet) based on those ratings.   The easy-form supplies numbers, but not the order in which the horses are rated.  
With mid-week, I can choose the size of the trifecta I have, and whether or not to have a first 4.  Even if the advice is cautious, I might decide to have a "small" tri, just in case, eg, a 2,3,5.  How often these come up! May not be huge dividends, but a win is a win.
Easy form is a great introduction to betting, but the mid-week formatt gives you so many more options & more chance of a big dividend.
(By the way, we did get the $734.70 tri on that first 4 race.)

General Comments

Nice result mate,
You certainly picked the eyes out of it
Will be in HK for 2 weeks as of Thurs.
Be in touch on my return.
All the Best,
Tony (Sydney & Hong Kong Punter)

Five out of ten
casual reward got me ot of ....
Telling all Randwick punters to get with the "Prophet"
Peter H (Businessman and regular racegoer)

Very impressive this week
David R (Managing Director & Saturday race goer)

I was very impressed with your selections last weekend-I hope you can keep up the good work!! Have a great Xmas and lets hope we all kick a goal in the New Year!
Paul (Fulltime successful professional punter for over 30 years )

I would like to take up the first option of a further 13 weeks of standouts, exotics and trifecta selections....
PS I have been pleasantly surprised by the service and professionalism with which race profit has conducted our transactions and specifically the weekly summaries (good or bad results) and the acknowledgement of the guarantee!  

Hi, the testimonial bit has my full blessing. I would love a stack more winners but thats punting. The rest has been great.
Cheers Chris

Hi, just to let you know, I missed the first in Sydney but got the SA race 6 1st 4 up for a quarter. Paid $559, Profit for day $450.
I followed your advice 1/5.3/
Bloody beauty my biggest win ever on the races

What an absolutely cracking day of results........
Top rating form!

Please extend subscriptions for a further four weeks for trifecta selections....

Thankyou for the info. I have a netbet account with unitab only, and am fairly new to punting-have never tried a trifecta before.

OK, I'm keen.......when it comes to the trifecta plan, I will need your extra help....

I have just subscribed on the website, so I am looking forward to Saturday!

Hi, had an excellent first day as a subscriber, but dont think I got the right method with trifectas yet-where can I look up the 2/5/8 formula?
Can hardly wait for this Saturday!

Thanks for the subscription reminder; I have just rejoined via your website for the next 13 weeks of trifectas.

I want to add Wednesdays to my subscription

Does this mean that my existing subscription has just expired?
If so, I will renew tomorrow!
Nerida (Thursday, August 28, 2003)

I had a good day in Saturday at Morphetville, I bet yours was brilliant.
PS On Saturday I got 2 1st Fours..
Nerida (Tuesday, 9th October, 2003)

Thankyou for sending me your midweek selections.......I would like to say though, that I approve of the midweek format.

The tips were good, think I understand the system better now. Did all right even with wrong bets and no experience.

Thanks very much for your first set of selections which enabled me to make a small profit.

Please put me down for another 4 weeks subscription.
Was a good day Saturday. It has taken me a while to assimilate my punting style to your selections but it worked out well on Saturday.
Kind regards, Phil (Papua New Guinea)

Could you let us know by return mail whether you would still like the "Prophets" suggested bets for trifectas each Saturday?
Yes thanks.
It has taken a while but I am finally getting the hang of using them
regards Trevor
Yes please!

Hi....I had no problem getting bets delivered the page you sent last night was empty as expected, but around 11am sat. it was filled up with selections, have a good day....

I do bet on the football but dont like it much
Anything that can help is welcome
Regards Phil

Thanks for this clear explanation and yes the exotics surely made up for the standouts but as you said we have 12 weeks to go, I am sure it will turn around with this strategy.

I'd like the 13 weeks with the birthday offer, extended to 20 weeks of midweek selections for $240 please
PS Have had good results from the midweek product, many thanks for introducing it!!!

Re: Re subscription renewal confirmation
Thanks fellas, did ok on last Wed again. Look forward to next week

From Diana Buxton
Date  Sunday 17 August, 2003
Review (cybermarket's shopping cart allows posting of unsolicited product reviews &            (  rating of the product out of 5 by purchasers - this is one)

I've been with this product from the start. If you have the time mid-week, you should get into it. Every race for 2 meetings is covered comprehensively, if the race is not recommended as a viable profitable tool, you are told in no uncertain terms.
There have been plenty of trifectas, frequent first fours, including a $10,000 one, and plenty of successful outright selections.
I've made a good profit, & intend to continue with this betting strategy when my current sub finishes. I'm very happy with the mid-week product & amp; can honestly say its well & truely earned its money.

Rating: ***** [5 of 5 stars]

Can I have another 6 weeks of exotics & trifectas please?
I find the trifectas I hit some weeks & miss others, but the exotics just keep working for me week in week out.
(This is the 5th time Brian has resubscribed) 

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the way you blokes run this service.
I am a trifecta man through and through so I want exotics and trifectas for the next 4 weeks.
Bob (renewing by phone for the 3rd time)

Dear Sirs,
Thanks to your latest midweek tips, I was able to get half the trifecta on one of yesterdays Ipswich races, so a quick & substantial return on my $80.00.
It would be appreciated if you would advise what the cost is to purchase your "Betting Strategy" please? I would like to leave a major amount of my winnings in my betting account but I am using one of the betting plans set out in your free print- out some time ago & will go back to my initial bank. (My self control surprises me, so X-mas presents for all !!)
Thank you again for your excellent service & await your further advice.

Sounds like you got race 7 for $4219.14! Good man! As we said in our summary yesterday's Ipswich racing was a classic case of "You cannot beat the races but you can beat a race" and of course that one race would have covered you and more for the rest of that meeting plus the other two meetings on the day.

The Betting Strategy for straight out betting can be purchased for a one off of $200 (for those who use their own selection methods) or as part of "The Lot" subscription which gets you the strategy, 13 weeks of standout selections, 13 weeks of exotic selections, 13 weeks of trifecta selections, 13 weeks of suggested trifecta bets from the "Prophet", exotic info sheet, trifecta info sheet, a $260 refund guarantee if the standouts do not increase your starting Bank by 50% or more over 13 weeks (money you make from exotics and trifectas is yours to keep, it doesent affect the standout guarantee), access to the 24 hour to help you with any queries and of course all the Free Ratings meetings covered in that time period.
This is our best value product by far as it only costs $500 for the 13 weeks or $580 if you want Mid-Week ratings included for the 13 weeks.

You will find it on the subscription page under "The Lot" and if you want to add Midweek just subscribe to midweek for $80 as well and we will confirm the extra weeks by email.

Let us try and add to that Bank account for you, there is no better feeling than using "their" money to make yourself more money!

from Race Profit where "We Live or Die by our Results"
Post:   POBox 1865, SouthportBC, Q4215
Phone:0755 921 274 or 07 3852 5008
"We do the Work-You make the Money"

Hi fellas,
You'll be interested to know that at least 2 of the mid week subscribers collected on that trifecta!
We've had a few very good profit weeks recently, topped off nicely yesterday.  Thanks.

Hi fellas,
I'll be away working again Wed 31st Dec & Wed 7th Jan, so would you mind postponing me for those two weeks please?
I did quite well today, unfortunately didn't crack that great first 4, probably should have, but chose to have a go at the next race instead. 
Still, got a couple of good trifectas, thanks!
Best wishes for the festive season,

Hi to everyone at Race Profit,

Thanks for the email, I am so very disappointed with myself for missing out on the wonderful winnings put right there on my puta on Wednesday!!!                           

Unfortunately I wasn't home and missed them all, certainly not something that I could afford to do at present. Congrats - Well done!!

I am going away again this Weekend,  back on Tuesday, so won't be here for Saturdays Selections and I won't be able to access my computer, maybe I could go to an internet cafe somewhere and still get my selections. Then I will be away Christmas Eve till Late Boxing Day.  No doubt I am going to miss out on some more great selections, as I write this I am thinking, 

"NO I WON"T, I"LL FIND A WAY!!".        .

  Cheers for now.

Take extra good care over the festive season and enjoy every minute of it.


Dear Sirs,
Regrettably, I must temporarily suspend my betting activities until after I sell my house.
Many good results & will be in contact later in the year.
Best wishes to all.
 Bill T

Thank you for the info ,it helps.

Sent: Sunday, February 08, 2004 9:42 PM
Subject: Re: trifectas

There is no such thing as net results for trifecta betting Bill, unless you place exactly the same type of trifecta bet for every race and that is not a wise strategy.
It is not like standouts where the horse either wins or it doesent (and even there how you bet can alter your return quite significantly) , there are many types of trifecta bets and the one you choose for a particular race will be dependent on the ratings, and most importantly on the prices just prior to the race.
What we do is give you the information going 8 deep in races which in the morning appear to be potentially, good paying trifecta races, to help you make those decisions.
That is not necessarily true come race time and part of what you have to do is decide whether to bet in the race or not. (see attached trifecta info file for more explanation and take note of the reasoning behind 2/5/8). Mid week subscribers also get 8 selections and the "Prophet's" personal comments on each race which often include suggested trifecta bets, but again what appears a good trifecta bet at 10am might not necessarily be so at 3pm.
You do not have to use the whole eight numbers, but in general the more you cut back whilst your outlay is less so is your return over a period of time.
For example our strike rate since inception over a year ago is 69.89% and average is $383.60, whereas our strike rate on trifectas for exotic subscribers since 10/08/02 is 25.68% and the average is $118.39.
Exotics have 4 selections so they miss a lot of trifectas particularly because of 3rd place, but they also cover races with different size fields so the average trifecta is smaller.
We did extensive trials for 2 years prior to going public and found that 6 horses meant we missed too many long priced trifectas and 10 horses meant our outlay was too much for the return, so we settled on eight and it has worked.
However it is an arbitary figure (although we notice on racing chat groups that others are coming to the same conclusion) and of course if the average trifecta payout shrinks it will be too high, whereas if the payouts ever get back to precomputer days it will be too low.
And it is important to note that for any individual race the number may be too high ( low prices or late scratchings reducing the number of runners, or simply the way the ratings read) or occasionally too low (major races like Melbourne Cup with huge pools and large number of starters)
Like all investments Bill it is a matter of balancing risk and return, and trifectas can be particularly galling as you will often select a bet type that will lose when the bet type that you used the race before would have won (happened to us in race 3 in Melbourne on Saturday)
Now boxing 8 horses would cost $336 and we would never normally recommend that, but imagine if all the 8 horses were 50/1-you would then be looking at a trifecta payout in theory of $125,000 and suddenly that is a tempting investment, so given the initial analysis it is then the skill in using the information to decide the type and amount of your bet after seeing the prices that becomes paramount.
As a general rule all our products except Standouts & Easy Form are designed to give you the best analysis that enables you to make informed investments come race time, and that means checking the prices and then deciding your bet type or deciding not to bet at all.
One thing we can tell you is that most trifecta bettors lose because they do not cover enough chances or because they simply box horses (there are 720 different winning combinations in a 10 horse field,1320 in a 12 horse field, 2184 in a 14 horse field and 3360 in a 16 horse field - boxing 4 horses would give you 24 of them so in a 16 horse field you would only be covering 0.71% of the chances.)
After you have read the attachment dont hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or comments.

from Race Profit where "We Live or Die by our Results"
Post:   POBox 1865, SouthportBC, Q4215
Phone:0755 921 274 or 07 3852 5008
"We do the Work-You make the Money"
PS: Race Profit emails are only sent to subscribers or selected individuals
who are interested in profiting from gallops racing.
If you are not one of those, please reply with "Please Delete" in the
subject line and we will permanently remove you from our data base.

thnks for compliment i do ok just missed 2700 p4 yest but would have got it had i talked to you earlier.i have picked out 10 pick 4s the ladst fortnight  won 4  lost 4 and did not back the other 2 bt wrote them down as practise  ist time i have backed pick 4s  barry thanks again
----- Original Message -----
To: Barry
Sent: Monday, February 23, 2004 10:27 AM
Subject: Re:

We know the feeling!
Dumbos dont ask questions that help them win, dumbos sit at home or in the TAB & lose every week because they dont take the time to find out how to change things even when the advice is free!
So you are no dumbo in our eyes Barry, keep asking questions and keep getting their money!
from Race Profit where "We Live or Die by our Results"
Post:   POBox 1865, SouthportBC, Q4215
Phone:0755 921 274 or 07 3852 5008
"We do the Work-You make the Money"
----- Original Message -----
From: Barry
Sent: Monday, February 23, 2004 9:34 AM
Subject: Re:

im good  thank you it was ny lack of glasses  reading alter as after!!!!dumbo barry thanks again  all clear now
----- Original Message -----
To: Barry
Sent: Monday, February 23, 2004 9:49 AM
Subject: Re:

So use the parameters as a guide but be flexible, some days you may not want to alter them and others you may need to alter every race.

You are finding a word thats not there Barry! There is no after, obviously if you are going to change it must be prior to the race, and some days you may have to change before every race and others you may not change any, but on average some will need changing or adjusting depending on the pricing markets before the race.

----- Original Message -----
From: Barry
Sent: Monday, February 23, 2004 8:50 AM
Subject: Re:

me again  i did not really understand your 3rd sentence.. the parametres dont change...but you can alter them   thats fine but i dont understand the bit where you say that that you can alter them after every race. to me theres no use altering them aftere the race  too late!!  im a bit confused here  dumbo barry!!
----- Original Message -----
To: Barry
Sent: Sunday, February 22, 2004 12:01 PM
Subject: Re:

Good man. The information is there, just needs a little work your end to turn it into dollars!
hi thank you very much. its a great help. i got that first 4 by the way plus another one   5 this week.thanks again barry
----- Original Message -----
To: Barry
Sent: Sunday, February 22, 2004 12:01 PM
Subject: Re:

Good morning Barry, glad you find the parameters handy, but you really should learn to live without them as otherwise you may miss some good payouts.
In essence the 8 horses selected for the trifecta dont change from 10am to race time but the way they should be bet on may change dramatically in that time period.
So use the parameters as a guide but be flexible, some days you may not want to alter them and others you may need to alter every race.
The * simply means that there is at least a length between that horse and the next horse and by definition if there is no star that there is less than a length between the horses.
Here is the important part between* either include all the horses or if too expensive dont bet.
So yesterday in that race you either stood out 16 to win the tri or first four or you moved to the next stage which was to include for the win so your maximum bet would have been costing $600 or $300 for a half and $150 for a quarter.
A more vivid example was Caulfield race 7 where the ratings were 6*9*
This is telling you that 6&9 are ahead of the field but that there is nothing between the next 6, so you bet would either be 6/9/ for $30 ($15 or $7.50) or 6.9/6.9/ for $60 ($30 or $15)
6 won 9 came 2nd and 7(the 8th horse) came 3rd 10came 4th and the first four paid $937.00
If you had tried to distinguish between the last 6 and dropped off the 7 you would have cost yourself the tri and the first four.
Now if the bet like the first one is too high you can always fall back on taking the top two to win if you really must bet because over time our strike rate from the top two is around 50%, but the * are telling you that in this race the facts are different here and that is what happened no 4 won which was one of 4 horses in the next * bracket.
So the safer approach is this is what it is telling me I have to invest to win, that is too expensive for me so I will leave this race alone and look at the next one, as you can almost guarantee that those you cull will come back to haunt you.
You would have got it with bet you mentioned for $400 ($200 or $100).

So that is the skill, taking the numbers, using the asterisks as a guide, assessing the market and then deciding whether to bet or not or in the case of trifectas also what type of tri bet to use for that race.

As it turned out simply taking 2/5/8 trifectas all day yesterday would have made you money, but really that is a fall back formula and sometimes the * will tell you that you may need only invest a 2/4/6 to have a real good shot at it and others a 4/5/8 will be your minimum coverage.

As a general rule most tri and 1st 4 punters lose because they do not include enough combinations, so it is getting that balance that is the trick.

Any other questions do not hesitate to ask.

from Race Profit where "We Live or Die by our Results"
Post:   POBox 1865, SouthportBC, Q4215
Phone:0755 921 274 or 07 3852 5008
"We do the Work-You make the Money"
PS: Race Profit emails are only sent to subscribers or selected individuals
who are interested in profiting from gallops racing.
If you are not one of those, please reply with "Please Delete" in the
subject line and we will permanently remove you from our data base.
----- Original Message -----
From: Barry
Sent: Sunday, February 22, 2004 8:56 AM

Maybe you can assist me. Thank you if you can.  Your Trifecta parameters are great as I would be confused trying to do them from your ratings.
Here are the ratings from yesterdays race 8 caulfield
16* 2 5 4 6* 7 1 3
4 won
6 came 2nd
7 came 3rd
5 came 4th
 pick 4 paid 1834 dollars
how ould you have placed your first 4 bet?
What does  the * mean?
 Would the bet go to the second *
 It would have been
help please you

Products Ordered:
 Mid-Week 13 Weeks ($240.00) x 1, $240.00
Total Purchase Amount (including GST): $240
Customer Details:
Customer Name: Diana
Comments: Ready to start again this week, thanks fellas.


From: Peter
Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2004 9:23 AM
Subject: Re Credit

Your credit showed on my card this morning, thanks.

Good, sorry for the small delay, but at least we know the procedure for that Bank now. You can tell we dont have many refunds!

from Race Profit where "We Live or Die by our Results"
Post:   POBox 1865, SouthportBC, Q4215
Phone:0755 921 274 or 07 3852 5008
"We do the Work-You make the Money"

Thank heavens for a trial with Trifectas and the Prophet’s input to overcome the Pope’s error– I was distracted and missed backing Shango’s Image until after the race had started – which didn’t impress me when it won – so with little in the bank only backed AR6 trifecta for ˝ - but that was enough to finish in front for the day!


Pope Paul

Important! Make sure you enter your CSC numbers (the last 3 numbers on the back of your credit card) when we transfer you to the CBA payment gateway site.

For your security and ours we have instructed CBA to only authorise on line transactions where the 3 CSC numbers from the back of the credit card are entered as well as the usual credit card number and expiry date  (we never see any of these so your security is absolute)

You will see where to enter the 3 key pieces of data when you are taken to the CBA site.

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